Studying and living in Germany

What you should consider before and during your study

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Get off to the best possible start on your “international adventure”

Comprehensive support

Studying in Germany gives you valuable international experience for life. You will learn to view the world from a different perspective and adopt intercultural skills. At the same time, this comes with challenges. We will be happy to support you beforehand when you organise your stay and during your study time in Germany.

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Do you need a residence permit for your studies?

Visa for entering Germany

If you come from an EU member state, Switzerland or a state in the European Economic Area (EEA) you generally won't need a visa for Germany. If you come from another country, you should apply for a visa as early as possible, as the approval process can take several months. You can find out which documents you will require for your visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. A list of all German representations abroad can be found at the Federal Foreign Office. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers an overview of the visa application process for international students. If you have questions about the procedure, we will be happy to help you.

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Your accommodation in Germany

Finding a place to live

It is not always easy looking for somewhere to stay. Even before your arrival, our international support team will help you with any questions about finding the right accommodation. It is important that you start the search as early as possible. In addition to internet portals, personal contacts are also often helpful: We provide contacts with current students as well as FOM alumni who are already in the area and may have an available room in a flat share. The support provided also extends to checking rental contracts before you sign them.

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Accommodation found?

Duty to register your place of residence

After arriving in Germany, you must report to the local foreigners’ registration office and provide them with your address. If you move again during your course of study, you are obliged to report your new address to the relevant municipal office in your city. You can generally make an appointment in advance. We will be happy to help you with this. 

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Safeguarding your health

Health insurance

You will need valid health insurance while studying in Germany. In addition to the statutory health insurance, there is also the option of a private insurance. However, we recommend the statutory health insurance, as it covers inpatient and outpatient treatment – also if you are hoping to do part-time work in Germany. We will be happy to give you a list of insurance providers. At the start of your programme, you will have to decide which health insurer you would like to register with. This health insurance will then be valid for your whole period of study.

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Learning together and from each other

Your degree programmes in the FOM lecture halls on campus in Essen

Learning together in the lecture hall is a crucial part of a successful study progress. In addition to expert knowledge, you will be broadening your intercultural skills, making contacts with other international students and discovering more about German culture as well as the city of Essen, where you will be spending this important and formative part of your life.

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