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Your degree courses in Germany

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Three study models to choose from

International degree programmes

FOM University prepares you for the challenges of the international employment market. In our degree programmes, you will be expanding your academic knowledge, gaining specialist subject and methodological understanding and further broadening your decision-making and leadership skills. You can choose from three study models: you can study on the campus in Germany, in a hybrid format or – if you already have a job –  study completely virtually in your home country. During this time, you also have the opportunity to establish initial contacts with companies.


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Hochschulzentrum Essen

Learning together in the lecture hall

Model 1: Your degree programmes in the FOM lecture halls on campus in Essen

Learning together in the lecture hall is a crucial part of a successful study progress. In addition to expert knowledge, you will be broadening your intercultural skills, making contacts with other international students and discovering more about German culture as well as the city of Essen, where you will be spending this important and formative part of your life.

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Your full-time study programmes in German and English

You would prefer to study in Düsseldorf and attend lectures in German and English language? In our modern FOM university centre in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia we offer three practice-oriented full-time Bachelor's degree programmes:

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Hochschulzentrum Düsseldorf

Fully digitally from your home country

Model 2: Your degree programmes in broadcast quality

Perhaps your personal situation will not allow you to complete all or part of your degree in Germany because you are already working or have family obligations. In this case, you have the option to study virtually and part-time from your home country. To make sure that you do not miss out on the interaction and mutual learning, the lectures are broadcast live from FOM's high-tech studios, allowing you to interact directly. 

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Partly face-to-face, partly digital

Model 3: Studying on campus and online

If you opt for the hybrid study format, you will be completing your degree programme partly at FOM and partly online from home. At least half of your lectures will be broadcast live from FOM's high-tech studios, the rest of your courses will take place on the FOM campus in Essen. This ensures that the quality of your programme remains high throughout your course of studies.

The program content and teaching quality here at FOM offers the opportunity to attain well-paid assignments and make dreams come true.

Indian Student

Bhavika Srivastava

Participant of the Master's programmes for Indian Students at FOM in Germany


Combining academic studies and business practice

Experienced teaching staff stand for the quality of the FOM degree programmes

At FOM, you will have experienced, highly qualified professors and lecturers who will also provide you with individual support during your studies. They are familiar with the challenges of the professional world from personal experience and link academic teaching content with specific application, thus ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject knowledge.