Shivanee Panchal explains that Germany has a good image in India.n

Shivanee Panchal is getting her master´s degree in “Big Data & Business Analytics” at FOM in Essen. (Picture: private)

Master “Big Data & Business Analytics”

Shivanee Panchal about studying at FOM in Germany

21.04.2021 | Essen

Shivanee Panchal is getting her master´s degree in “Big Data & Business Analytics” at FOM in Essen. Right now she´s writing her thesis – but still took some time, to answer us some questions about studying at FOM in Germany, her new job and the change to online classes.

So Shivanee, thanks for giving us some insights today. First of all: Why did you decide to study at FOM in Germany? And how do you like it so far?

In India Germany has a good image. The key points are the education system and government policies. Apart from that I also like the weather here as it is much cleaner than in India, plus people’s awareness about health and fitness. FOM is the prestigious and one of the top private universities in Germany with the courses which are most industry-oriented. I am a beginner in the field of Data as well as in the German culture. But FOM has helped us magnificently, to get into the education system and culture of Germany. The staff at FOM is outstanding for the support they have given us. The professors at FOM train us students to not only be the best at study but also at personal development. FOM has the online Campus kind of LMS system which is having resources well equipped for study, research and it’s easy to understand and access. I also like the course structure at FOM as it is not only academic but also professional. The professors over here are more practice-oriented as they are also experienced professionals from the industry. All the subjects that we are studying at FOM have insights into how the real-world works rather than just academic perspectives.

Wow, okay!
And you have an Internship at Metro Markets GmbH, right? How did you get that job?

The course which I am studying is the most valuable and the highest job opening master in the market. For getting this job, I would like to award the credits to my husband. He is always active on the internet and supports me in all possible ways. As a Career Coach Consultant, he guides me for the end-to-end process from applying online to crack the interviews. My past experience at one of the IT giants IBM India Pvt. Ltd. has also helped me. The personal development and the support from the FOM professor, the International Office are the life lessons learned which are always handy in the local German environment.

But since everything has changed to online courses, phone calls and mail communication – how does that work out for you and the other students? And how do you like the online classes?

Who doesn’t love the instructor-led real live classes? But pandemic has left us no choice! FOM has managed both – the regulations and students’ expectations – pretty well. Teachers were as best as real classes on the online platforms as well. They taught us how we can be more productive in the virtual world and adapt to the change and the new norm! We explored the features of Zoom and Microsoft Teams in-depth like breakout sessions were the best example where we can even do group discussion! Collaboration in MS teams, which is also used widely in the industry was part of the lessons.

So how does your everyday life look like at the moment? Are you in home office?

Every day I work around four to five hours for the internship. Thanks to the pandemic that it is saving the time to travel for work but I am not liking it anymore, as I am the person who loves to meet people and work with them in reality and not virtually! I spend three hours on the study whether on online lectures or assignments that we need to do as part of academics. Family is as important as study and I call them every day and talk to them for like two hours. In the coming days, I am planning to include German language learning in my schedule as it is very important to grow in Germany!