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Ruolong Qiu represents FOM in Tai’an for the local partner universities. (Foto: Privat)

Academic Cooperation China

“We make sure our students are well prepared for the study in Germany”

10.08.2023 | China

Ruolong Qiu started his study in Business Administration at FOM in 2005. After his graduation in 2008, he started working directly as study coordinator for FOM on Tai’an campus in China. He is now responsible for the organisation and coordination with the local partner universities in China, among others, Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU). 

What are your daily tasks at FOM in Tai'an, China?

I have diverse tasks on Tai’an campus. My most important function is to represent FOM in Tai’an for the local partner universities. At the same time, I am the contact person for all FOM lecturers and tutors who are assigned from Germany to Tai’an: I organise their journeys between Germany and China, helping them with accommodation, and coordinate the planning of assignment between FOM and SDAU. Part of my job also includes preparing, conducting and reviewing exams. I like the multitasking challenges of my job. It makes every day fulfilling and I can develop my skills all round.


What experience have you had with Chinese students so far?

FOM has at the moment around 950 Chinese students in Tai’an. Chinese students are generally very hard-working. They are extremely good at learning knowledge by heart. But, as many may notice, they are relatively shy. You need a bit more patience with them until they can open up to you. The Chinese culture and the Chinese way of thinking bring it to the fact that Chinese Students – compared to students from western cultures – are more careful and indirect in their quest for answers. Therefore, it’s often more difficult for them to make it clear what to expect when studying in Germany.  One of my major tasks is to help these students become familiar with the requirements of German universities and the local conditions of study so that they can be better prepared for a successful study in Germany.


What are the biggest challenges did you face during the COVID pandemic and how did you deal with them?

The pandemic started in January 2020. During those difficult 3 years, I was the only FOM staff member who was physically present on our Tai’an campus. Due to the strict quarantine regulations at SDAU, I had to work and live in the office for a particular period from time to time. I’ve got a bed in my office; I lived and worked there – like many of my colleagues. The longest period I lived and work in the office was one and a half months. It might not be the most interesting thing to have, but, after living and working so closely to each other every day for such a long time, my colleagues and I were able to know each other much better and, as a result, work much more efficiently together.


How do you manage the collaboration with your colleagues in Germany from China? How important is good teamwork to you?

I see myself as sort of a bridge between FOM and SDAU. My function is not only to be the contact person for the students and the German colleagues, but also to carry out administrative and organisational tasks. Each year, I will receive a list of students from SDAU who are to be enrolled at FOM. It is my job to forward this list to the colleagues in Germany and work closely with them for further processing. The support and collaboration of our China team at FOM in Germany is very essential for our success. Mrs. Lin Liu, Director of FOM German-Sino School, always says, the China team is like a big family. I can’t agree more. I feel really lucky and am thankful for the great collaboration. A big THANKS to the dear colleagues in Germany!  


Can you tell us about your hobbies?

I have many hobbies. I like reading, travelling and swimming. When I am free, I like to be creative. I am skillful with hands and tools: I like to repair things or make toys for children. I also enjoy hanging out with family and friends. My annual holiday in my hometown Qingdao is always for me highlight of the year. There I can really switch off, relax and recharge my batteries. Of course, my free time apart from work is not just for leisure and pleasure. Parallel to my work, I made use of my free slots and did my master’s degree in International Marketing at FOM.  


Do you have children? If so, could you please tell us something about them?

I am married and have a 5-year-old daughter who goes to kindergarten. She’s cheerful and nimble, lively and talkative. She likes dancing, painting, singing, playing piano and roller skating. It is common in China for children to try out everything which their parents have not managed to live out. I let my daughter try out different things and hope she can find the interest which she really enjoys.