Students from India at their farewell ceremony

The farewell ceremony of the fifth Indian study group took place at FOM University in Essen. (Foto: Tom Schulte/FOM)

Master's graduates in „Big Data and Business Analytics“

Students from India celebrate their graduation

21.12.2023 | Essen

The students were honoured at a ceremony at the FOM University in Essen after successfully completing their Master's degree in „Big Data and Business Analytics“. Dr Harald Beschorner, Chancellor of the FOM University, congratulated the graduates on their success.

New country, new culture, new academic challenge: after successfully completing their studies, the Master's students from India have now received their certificates. A small ceremony was held at the FOM University Centre in Essen to recapitulate their time in Germany.

International orientation
The special thing about this programme is its international orientation. Students complete their Master's degree in two countries. After the first two semesters at a partner university in India, they complete their Master's programme with the last two semesters at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen.

IT experts for the economy
With their degree in „Big Data & Business Analytics“, the graduates have promising career prospects. As IT experts, they analyse and interpret large amounts of data in order to develop valuable insights for various business areas of companies. Some of the now former students are already working for companies in Germany, while others will continue to work with their expert knowledge in the future.

Challenges overcome
In a speech, alumnus Prajwal Madankar recalled the challenges and successes on the way to graduation: „We have all faced and overcome challenges on our academic journey. Not only have we learnt new things, but we have also improved our ability to adapt to a world that is constantly changing in order to cope well.“

Journey full of cultural impressions
Madankar emphasised that her time in Germany went far beyond academic achievement. It was a journey full of new cultural impressions and personal growth. „Let's enjoy not only our degrees, but also the way we have changed and evolved to become the people we are now,“ the new Master's graduate summarised.