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With more than 9.0 million learners in 170 countries, Great Learning is a leading global edtech company for professional and higher education. Great Learning offers industry-relevant programs in blended, classroom, and purely online modes across technology, data, and business domains. These courses are developed in collaboration with top academic institutions of the world.

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International Study Phase 1

Your study period in India

Duration of the FOM master’s cooperation programmes varies from 3 to 4 semesters. For a programme with four semesters, you will spend the first year of your study online in India. You will tackle new academic themes in a familiar environment, learn together with your fellow students, and will carefully prepare for your study in Germany with the support from Great Learning.

For a 3-semester programme, e.g. Master of Business Administration (MBA), you will spend the first semester online in India and the remaining two semesters in Germany.

Hochschulzentrum Essen

International Study Phase 2

Your study period in Germany

Learning together, learning from each other: In the last two semesters of your master’s degree course, you will be attending lectures on the FOM campus in Essen, Germany.

Here you will meet students from across Germany and the world, get to know the country, the German culture and the German university system. You will upgrade your academic and professional qualification with the support of our highly experienced teaching staff. You can build initial contact to German companies. You will also complete your master’s thesis and your final examination here in Essen.

Staying and studying in Germany

To register locally in India for your master’s degree, please contact:

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